Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Week's Crass Commercialism, Featuring Miskatonic Madness!

I'm an idiot.

I was planning on tossing the last of the Miskatonic expedition patches up on Ebay tonight, but while I was revising the listing I learned my feeble feedback of "7" isn't high enough for a Dutch auction. Bleh. I didn't even think to check that ahead of time.

On the bright side, I finally replaced my horrible scanner shot of the patch with some much better pictures featuring some of my other ATMOM props. I still suck as a photographer, but I think the documents and items I've collected look pretty cool like this.

Clockwise from top left we have a brass surveyor's transit (meant to duplicate the one in the photo directly below it), Lake's preliminary sketch and notes on the anatomy of the Elder Things, a brass solar compass, 1914 pattern brass binoculars, three core samples from Pabodie's drilling rig, a navigator's compass, a photo of one of the dog teams transporting part of the drilling equipment, two crinoid fossils, a photograph of two expedition members taking solar readings, and another photo of one of the dog teams. Underneath everything is my aged and weathered period map of Antarctica.

If you'd like to create a similar display you'll find most of what you need right here. The photo's featured in the above layout are over here, while there's another set here. I haven't posted my 1920's era Antarctica map, but I do have an engraved map from 1855 that would make an awesome background for a shadowbox display. And, of course, you can buy a Miskatonic patch over here, or find it, along with a copy of my "Contact Deep Ones" scroll, on Ebay.

If you like the display make sure you stop by during the week. I have something I think you're really going to like.

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